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Jo Coenen, design for the Chris van de Watering structural engineering office at the Frankrijkstraat, Eindhoven, 1982, ground plan.
© Jo Coenen & Co. DOC-C documentatiecentrum, Maastricht.
Posted 01 Dec 1987

Joost Meuwissen, 'The architectural drawing today'. [Translated by Ruth Koenig,] Dutch Art + Architecture Today, 22, December '87. Translations by Ruth Koenig ([Rijswijk:] The Netherlands Ministry of Welfare, Health and Cultural Affairs, 1987), 32-37.

The architectural drawing today

Joost Meuwissen

Only quite recently has the architectural drawing been regarded in the Netherlands as an independent phenomenon (separate from the building process). The first Dutch gallery for architecture, the Van Rooy gallery, opened in 1979, to ...

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