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Joost Meuwissen, House with a garage, 1979. Crayon on paper, 23,5 x 16 cm.


Project added 15 Sep 1979
Project type detached house

Study of a house with a garage, September, 1979.

Joost Meuwissen

A detached house is never alone. It shares its space with minor architectures, such as playgrounds, barns, porches, swimming pools and garages. Adjacent to a detached house, the garage is mostly conceived as being just a wing of the house. It follows the same style as the one of the house. It either protrudes towards the street or is pushed further back into the garden. If it is laid far back towards the rear of the garden, it may recall the old coach house with horses.
If the garage is situated along the same line as the front of the main house, the garage door, by its sheer size, may easily spoil the proportion system. If this door is removed to the side, the garage may still do so, this time by its being too much of a volume or too much of a plane. This study handles this difficulty by neither proportion nor scale but through Elementarism. Doors and windows are substances, as are the railings of the roof terraces. By varying the height of the railings, the house and the garage share the same portable look.

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detached house

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