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© Photograph by Bas Princen.


Project added 02 Jul 1999
Project type detached house


Extension of a house near Eindhoven, 1998-1999.

Matthijs Bouw and Joost Meuwissen

Fifteen years ago the client, who loves France, built a house for his family in the style of a French villa. Over the past decade-and-a-half, he acquired most of the land around the house in order to keep the view towards the surrounding nature reserve open. Last year he discovered that the relation between the now immense garden and the small-scaled villa needed redefini­tion. The somewhat closed villa was not in tune with the family's lifestyle, which centered on the garden. In a brochure of villa examples we put together for our client, ranging from Palladio to Ben van Berkel and OMA, only Mies' Farnsworth House met with his approval. In the subsequent design, we re­-Schinkeled Mies in order to achieve a simple increase in size. Loosely using classical design techniques, we made a royal extension of the house towards the garden. The anachronistic Mies is loaded with contemporary technical features. The classical stainless steel cornice, for instance, contains a five meter movable awning. a heating ­and anti-bug system for the terrace, and lighting fixtures, such that is reminis­cent of a car's front.

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